Stage Timer

The typical screen used onstage. It displays a running timer for current speaker. It also contains information on current and next event

https://MY.IP.ADDRESS:4001 > Stage view

https://MY.IP.ADDRESS:4001/timer > Stage view

URL Modifiers

We never seemed to agree on the behaviour of the bar. Is it a countdown bar? ie: the bar shrinks as the timer progresses is it a progress bar? ie: the bar grows as the timer progresses

The conversations become quite philosophical and didnt really produce any good results.

Now you can decide this yourself as a URL modifier. The default behaviour is for a progress bar since it had the most traction with the user base

Your bar, your rules

Countdown bar: /timer?progress=down

Progress bar: /timer?progress=up


Progress Bar

up / down


Whether bar counts up or down

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