Timer Control

Timer Control allows for control of running timers

3. Timer Control

Timer control is the most important control interface for running your timer.

All actions available here (and more) are also available through one of the APIs, allowing you to create powerful integrations as eg. companion

component offers control over the playback of the currently selected event (event in green on event list). All the buttons in the interface are also available over the OSC and Websocket APIs

  • Start / Next - When no event is running, Start will start the selected event (or first if there is no selection). Next will start the following event

  • Play

  • Pause

  • Roll - Roll is an advanced tool that enables ontime to run unattended. The application will use the system clock to run the events as scheduled. See Roll

  • Previous

  • Next

  • Unload - De-selects any running event

  • Reload - Stops and resets running timer

  • -1 -5 +1 +5 - Increments / decrements currently running timer (time in minutes)

Although the options for increment / decrement are limited to 1 and 5 minutes in the app. This limitation does not exist in the integrations, meaning that an OSC device can increment / decrement any amount of time:

/ontime/delay 10 /ontime/delay -20

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