Sync: Poll ontime status

In the scenario of syncing the state of ontime with 3rd party applications, ontime offers endpoints to poll the app status


Returns object containing app timer status

GET http://<your_ip>:4001/ontime/poll

    "clock": 39981051,                  // clock in milliseconds
    "running": 1792,                    // current timer in milliseconds
    "durationSeconds": 1800,            // duration of current event
    "playback": "start",                // playback status
    "title": "Welcome to Ontime",       // current event title
    "presenter": "cpvalente",           // current event presenter 
    "timetag": "00:29:51"               // current timer string

OSC and Websocket API

You can also poll using both the OSC and WebSocket APIs, see the definition

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