URL Aliases

Define configurable aliases to ease onsite setup

Custom aliases allow providing a short name for any ontime URL.

It serves two primary purposes:

The URL Aliases feature means to provide aliases to the parameters section of the url, ie: the bit after ontime's port.

See more in the URL Aliases Settings

URL Automation

URL Automation is meant for cases in which we would like to change the URL from Ontime without the need for changes on the consumers of the views.

Consider the case of unattended screens or hardware integrations, where access to change the browser URL may be impractical


We could for create an alias for a specific screen that relates to its role, position or type eg:

And in Ontime, configure thirdfloor to be an alias to any of the views such as public or backstage, eventually also changing this throughout the event without need for changes in the third floor viewer

Simplifying complex or lengthy URLs

With the view customisations through URL parameters, the URL can become complex, making recreating and sharing difficult.

Leveraging URL Aliases, you can create a simple URL that can encode a view with given styles.


The custom url lower?bg=ff2&text=f00&size=0.6&transition=5 could be simply called mylower or shell-event-lower or quickly recalling

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