This information relates to version 1 of the app.

You might be looking for v2 documentation

Ontime is an application for creating and managing event running order and timers.

The user inputs a list of events along with scheduling and event information. This will then populate a series of screens which are available to be rendered by any device in the Network.

This makes for a simple and cheap way to distribute over a venue using a network infrastructure instead of video outputs.

The app has been currently tested in both MacOS (Intel) and Windows 10.


We are not interested in forcing workflows and have made ontime so it is flexible to whichever way you would like to work.

  • You do not need an order list to use the timer. Create an empty event and the OSC API works just the same

  • If you want just the info screens, no need to use the timer!

  • Dont have or care for a schedule?

    • a single event with no data is enough to use the OSC API and get going

    • use the order list to create a set of quick timers by setting the beggining and start times to 00:00 and 00:10 (BAM! 10 minute timer). You can quick recall this with OSC as always

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